A Good Match

This week, share a photo of things that complement each other.

This is Ben Huberman’s challenge at the Daily Post. Do you think my daughter and I have a matching style in this photo? If so does that mean I wear clothes that are too young for someone of my age? or does Nina dress like an old fogey?


I don’t think either applies, because pretty much anything goes these days. I wore leggings in the 80’s and I do now and I’ve never been very interested in fashion.


Thursday’s Special Robert

Paula’s post about focus for her Thursday Special is particularly inspiring this week, as is her image. When she mentioned portraiture, I remembered this i phone photo of a friend in my writing group. Robert is reading Broadsheet, a poetry publication. He is deeply concentrating I think because he isn’t a poetry fan. Although a talented writer, it isn’t his thing and I always appreciate the feedback he gives when listening to my poetry efforts!
Do yo have a photo that illustrates a choice of focus that you’ve made?