Close to home 1

As I was walking home today, I thought about the area where I live. I’ve lived within three miles all of my life, and I know lots of the little nooks and crannies. So I thought I’d start posting phone camera shots from time to time as a record for myself and to show you the real Exeter.

Here’s number one, sometimes there may be long gaps, other times I might post them thick and fast, as it takes my fancy.


21 thoughts on “Close to home 1

  1. This is a beautiful photo. Through the gate, a red door is about to open to your new series.
    So looking forward to your new series, Gilly! 🙂 🙂

  2. I love the concept of this series, and the laid back promise of sometimes many, sometimes not. This photo launches the series beautifully – wonderfully framed, and wonderfully coloured, and so many materials, all so sharply defined.

  3. What a great idea Gilly, and a great start – love the red gateway. I can’t get my head around living within three miles of where you were born! I reckon I am much more of a gypsy than you – no wonder I find it difficult to settle in one place…

      1. But just think, every photo you take could have within it the seeds of a great story — for you or for someone else who sees it. One of my best short stories in years was born out of a photo Dawn Miller posted a couple years ago. And about 4 years ago Bob Mielke posted one that gleaned me a cute little story and a book cover to boot (thanks to him for giving me permission to use it for a cover). So several of your photos may eventually lead to stories for you or your readers. Look at it that way, and you won’t feel nearly so guilty.

  4. Looking forward to seeing your “patch”. Wondering if you’ll have an eye for presenting symbolism/ whimsy. I’m puzzling over the arched shaped of the gate and doorway and where does it lead?

  5. The non-tourist information is always good, but as with Oxford, sometimes I’m surprised at how different things ate through a visitor’s eyes too.
    Looking forward to more Exeter. 😊

  6. A very thoughtful project to have, Gilly. I wish I had done that. I’ve moved so many times
    and too far to go back. But, memories do linger in our minds.
    The red door is very welcoming. The fence … not so much.
    Issy 😎

    1. Thanks Issy, i often wish I’d recorded things in my life, I don’t even have many photos from when I was a child, photos were expensive back then and there wasn’t enough money for such things!

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