Close to Home 2

This photo of Exeter Guildhall shows the date AD80, but I’ve never known why. There is some evidence that there was a settlement here as early as 250BC, but the Romans named Exeter Isca around 55 AD.
The visible structure of the guildhall itself dates from the late middle ages and the building has been a guildhall for more than 800 years. It’s possible that even earlier Medieval halls are concealed below ground.


9 thoughts on “Close to Home 2

  1. I always think “so much history” when I read northern hemisphere posts, and then remember our Aboriginal history, layering down to 40000 years and beyond. I love the worn look of this building, and the way you excavate its history. You’ve caught a well-placed figure in the landscape too.

  2. I love architecture and that you are able to see these very old structures that have stood the test of time is wonderful. Here in the states, especially on the West coast it is difficult to find older structures and of course, none, like in Europe that are hundreds of years old as the US is really a new country in the scheme of things.

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