Black and White Sunday, after,before

Once a month, Paula’s theme is to show a photo in black and white and colour, but she lets us choose our own subject matter. The dandelions are already spreading their fairy wings, to the delight of some but to the horror of gardeners. I’m somewhere in the middle!

Here’s after editing,

and before,

Any preference?


10 thoughts on “Black and White Sunday, after,before

  1. Oh, I love dandelions, b&w or colour! How strange that these images should take me so powerfully back to Warsaw. Where the twins are learning judo (“This one’s called pulling a carrot out of the ground, nanny Meg”) and ballet

  2. I think it is a fabulous subject for a monochrome. Dandelion has a very intricate structure which comes to life so beautifully when colour is gone. Gilly, thank you very much.

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