A Head Shot

I don’t take photos of people very often, mostly because I don’t want to be shouted at and asking takes away the casual air. A public event like a parade is always a good place to try, let’s face it, if you put yourself in the limelight there’s a chance someone will snap you!

Paula’s black and white Sunday theme this week is ‘Head shot’, I caught Mr Morris Man with an odd look on his face, he was mid jig. I quite like watch Morris dancing, but it seems they’re like Marmite, you either love them or hate them!


13 thoughts on “A Head Shot

  1. My sentiments exactly about photographing people. I’ll tell you what though, if you do b&w serves well. This is a great photo and a thought-provoking expression.he looks quite mischievous.

  2. Great image- as Meg says, you’ve caught a good expression…. Apropos Morris Dancers, personally I can’t stand ’em!

  3. Love this head shot. I like to take people shots but I try to talk with them and then take the pic.
    Changes the spontaneity though.

    I was thinking about Christine today, went and found her blog still up and saw the wonderful photo of the two of you in a field.

    Keep shooting people, Gilly. You did a great job.

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