A transient cliff

West Bay in Dorset lies somewhere around half way along the Jurassic coast. The coast is a world heritage site, 95 miles long and 185 million years old.

So why am I showing you a picture of cliffs that old for a photo challenge theme of transient?

The cliffs are unstable in several places along the coast, West Bay has signs warning of rock slides just behind where people are enjoying the sun.

Quite a few years ago,Β  David Attenborough, the God of television nature documentaries, compared the age of our planet to the hours and minutesΒ of a day. Apparently humankind arrived in the last minute of that day, and the planet is 4.54 billion years old. So not only are the people on this beach a mere blink of the Earth’s eye, but the crumbling cliffs are somewhat transient as well.


17 thoughts on “A transient cliff

  1. A truly lovely take on the challenge! This wonderful place is high on my list, thanks for sharing your photo and thoughts.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!
    The Fab Four of Cley

  2. Indeed they are. I bet if you could source some pictures from a few decades ago, the eagle-eyed would notice changes. A great idea for the challenge.

  3. What a golden shot, to follow the shock of paradox in your title. But also a good metaphor for many people’s attitude to climate change – possible destruction looms, but let’s get out the deck chairs. In geological time everything is transient, at the mercy of time and the elements.

    Stop me! This is a provocative image and a beautiful one.

  4. Really good interpretation of the challenge. I’m in awe of micro movement, getting old for instance. Glaciers move imperceptibly while gravity pulls them along carrying mountains down-hill.
    Thought provoking Gilly. Thanks

  5. When you look at it that way we are all transients. Here for such a short while. You wouldn’t catch me sitting under those cliffs though! Should have met up after all, the weather stayed cloudy and breezy all day, but the rain stayed off. Oh, well. Another day πŸ˜€

  6. We stayed not far from West Bay last year and I particularly wanted to visit after watching Broadchurch. It was so beautiful, although quite overcast instead of being sunny like this wonderful photo. Even on a grey day, the cliffs just glowed.

  7. Good choice. In Cleveland, Ohio where we used to live, there are places along Lake Erie where the shoreline cliffs (not as high as these) are gradually being worn down by erosion of water and wind. A bit disconcerting for property owners, but the way of nature.


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