Everywhere and nowhere part 1

I keep thinking my life can’t get any busier, and then I’m proved wrong again. This is one of the last two weeks events.
At the end of June, my Wordless Wednesday was about an event my writing group were organising. As often happens with groups, some people are more helpful than others. One of the things I volunteered to do, was to create a new WordPress site to replace our dated, and no longer relevant website. It isn’t perfect, but it seemed I was the only one with a little of the skills needed to get it off the ground. I also helped with nibbles for the night and generally being available to help sort things as needed.
Most of the organising fell on my friend Elizabeth, a retired journalist, who is very capable, but doesn’t have unlimited energy. Naturally I wanted to help her in any way I could, editing photos etc. for the article she wrote for the local paper, but mostly as a friendly ear when she was at the end of her tether.
Despite last minute struggles to find actors, decisions about wine quantities and disagreements about how many chairs were enough, the event, on July 20th, was a great success. We all went home on a real high, but we probably won’t ever again do it again!

Here are some of the actors,

and our talented singer Lorrayn de Peyer, who entertained us during the interval with some relaxed jazz classics.

Lorrayn de Peyer

Thanks to Art Haven who very kindly allowed to use PS45 during their Bandwidth exhibition.


12 thoughts on “Everywhere and nowhere part 1

  1. I’m so glad you posted this. I feel as if I was there, as I’d have loved to have been. It looks as if all the hard work paid off. I love the argument about number of chairs – so typical of such events!!! How many did you actually need? Now for a glimpse of your writing that was show-cased.

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