Seven minutes on Exeter Quay

I find my self on the Quay, not early, but too soon for the shop I need. Nine am is ahead of the masses, but the light gleams perfectly for this Β i-phonographer with seven minutes to while away.

The restaurants and bars are silent, in an hour aprons will be donned, veg chopped and scones baked.

Meanwhile the swans get ready for today’s bread throwing children and thank goodness there’s not a gull screech to be heard.

Looking down river I can imagine myself somewhere more exotic, but then again, this is my Exe, perfect and pretty in it’s own way.

Piazza Terracina, named for our twin city in Italy, will be buzzing through the day, with plenty of choices,

for coffee and a sit down,

and one the old lamps for the evening.

I’ve turned towards the canal basin now, where for the summer we have pop up theatre, the Bike Shed Boatshed, complete with caravan, perhaps for more intimate performances.

I wonder how this boat got it’s name, I doubt it’s come from Meg’s territory.

Exeter canal runs parallel to the river for a few miles. It was built on the 1560’s and is the oldest navigable canal in the country. The canal was commercially successful until the decline of the wool trade in the early 19th century, followed by the arrival of the railways.

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you’re having a good Bank Holiday.



11 thoughts on “Seven minutes on Exeter Quay

  1. Hello sweetheart! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I knew if I kept popping back you’d post sometime. Persistence pays off! It’s a lovely peaceful looking place and I could fancy a tootle round the canal at sunset. Your company would be a major asset. πŸ™‚ Returning the Monday hugs. Make them last all week!

  2. A beautiful seven minutes paying tribute to one of your places. The light is indeed lovely. What are you shopping for? I’m interested that you have a sister city in Italy – I was wondering whether this was an Australian phenomenon. More intimate performances indeed! I can’t even speculate about the naming of “Canberra Queen” – definitely not an ocean going vessel I’d say. It looks a bit worn – like our politics. I hope the rest of bank holiday pleases / pleased you my dear friend.

  3. A lovely set of images from your neck of the woods Gilly. And so quiet, even at nine a.m. I am pretty sure if I had popped into St Ives at that time it would be heaving already. I am looking forward to the peace returning down here next week (says she hopefully…)

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