When Krista posted the theme of ‘Experimental’, for this weeks photo challenge, I knew I would have a play with an image. I got my first copy of Photoshop at lest twelve year ago and back then I would spend ages trying things out. I never became proficient, perhaps if I’d had some lessons, I might have been good at it.

Now of course there are far easier ways to create with free apps for tablets and phones, my camera has lots of instant and fun settings of its own.

So here’s my entry, edited with Nik free software and then cropped with photoshop elements.

Experimenting is fun, perhaps you’ll join in?


32 thoughts on “Experimental

  1. And you say you can’t do this sort of stuff! This is fabulous Gilly – isn’t it fun to experiment? Sad that we have to wait for a prompt to do it πŸ™‚

      1. Same here. I used to spend ages with layers and textures. When I was teaching I did a lot of creative work in the computer suite as I had to keep up with changing technology. Now I simply enjoy taking photos and maybe enhancing them a little if need be.

  2. And I’d love to know how to achieve the effects you’ve achieved with Experimental. I just have no idea. I have Photoshop 13 but only use the automatic functions on it, never layers. I never seem to have the time. Maybe I should try harder.

    1. There really isn’t much to it Mari,it was a sculpture with nice view through it. I used Nik software (hdr setting) and then cropped it square. If you haven’t got Nik I’d recommend it, it’s free to download and no ads!

  3. It’s Fab! I shall bear Nik in mind but my laptop is currently telling me my memory is full (can’t imagine why! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ) so I need to buy another stick or some memory. 😦

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