The town crier and the doner register guy

I had a lovely lunchtime encounter today. Over in the main hospital concourse was a stand promoting and raising awareness of organ donation, and these two beaming gentlemen greeted me.They didn’t need to convert me, if any bits of me are useful after I’ve popped my clogs that’s fine by me, share me around. If you’re not already on the donor register, check it out here and sign up if you can.

Now, I missed any shouting about it that the town crier did, but he and his buddy were happy to chat and have their photos taken. Apparently Roger Bourgein, who is the Exmouth Town Crier, does around 200 events a year and earns a pittance doing so!

Here he is in all his regalia, what a lovely smile.

Thanks guys for brightening up my lunch break, keep doing what you’re doing.



9 thoughts on “The town crier and the doner register guy

  1. I want to wear gear like the town crier, and what a bell. As for organ donation, Iā€™m on the list, but iā€™m Hoping to wear most things out myself. Selfish, eh? This is a good argument for getting out in the lunch hour, something I did too rarely in my working life. But ā€¦ if you get out you may delay your demise, and your organ donation. A dilemma, eh?

  2. Love this and your bit of story to go with. I did nearly ‘pop my clogs’ in 2015 and unfortunately, due to health issues and such I do believe my ‘bits’ will not be useful. But I so admire those who can donate as so many lifes will benefit from their doing so. Thank you for sharing!

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