Black and white Sunday

I’ve missed a few of my favourite challenges recently, including Paula’s Black and White Sunday, but I can’t resist texture, so I’m squeezing a few minutes to share this photo.

Plants aren’t something I’d usually pick for black and white and a butterfly, never before, but I think it works, do you?


How many Santas?

When I was little Waltons was a shop in Exeter that had the most wonderful Christmas displays. You walked through an area of display windows that seemed really big at the time. Each window was more magical then the one before, and waiting at the end was Father Christmas, in his red coat and with a real white beard. In those less commercial days it was one of the very best things about Christmas.

There are still displays like Waltons, often found in garden centres, and Keydells has multiplied the magic many times over. Look at all these Santas!

And their visitors,