Black and white Sunday

I’ve missed a few of my favourite challenges recently, including Paula’s Black and White Sunday, but I can’t resist texture, so I’m squeezing a few minutes to share this photo.

Plants aren’t something I’d usually pick for black and white and a butterfly, never before, but I think it works, do you?


21 thoughts on “Black and white Sunday

  1. Usually it is the colour of the butterfly that you notice hidden among the plants, in this case you have to seek it out. I think it works beautifully and I’d really like to crop the area surrounding the butterfly as there are some lovely textures going on there.

  2. Jude is so right! (though I hate to admit it 🙂 ) Slow getting here because I spent last night doing battle with a new phone. Silly thing kept talking to me!:(

  3. as a new photographer playing with b&w can be difficult but I️ love how you took away the distractions of color and made it all about texture and smaller details. Love it!!!

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