Around a well from the past

Close to Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan there are several step wells, in varying degrees of decay. The one I visited, in Bagar,if my memory serves me, was not considered safe enough to get close to.

But the rather dreamlike surroundings offered a little respite from the relentless heat and dust,

and this smiling gentleman was very proud to be taking care of the well.

These structure has been around for hundreds of years, so I’m posting for Paula’s traces of the past.


While wading through photos just now, I came across this photo of me in 2005.

me pushkar dawn

It was taken in Pushkar, very early in the morning. Our driver Magan Singh had recommended that we climb Savitri hill, reaching the top for sunrise. What he hadn’t realised was just how weak we were from three days of tummy problems. So, we did our best but couldn’t make it all the way. We never did tell him the truth, but I know he stops by here from time to time, so perhaps he knows by now.

There is a very interesting comment from Bittercharm, that explains the background to the story.

Wow Gee,
I love your presentation of famous Brahma Mythological Hindu Story.
For those who dont know it, (With your Permission Gee)
Pushkar (Blue Lotus) was a place where Lord Brahma (the creator) chose for performing a grand worship ritual after victory over an asur ( Demon). His wife Devi Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge) was suppose to sit in the ceremony however since she was not available and the auspicious time of the required ritual was slipping away, He picked a local Gujjar Girl Named Gayatri, Married her and let her perform the required duties which left his otherwise calm wife really angry and she cursed him that since his act made him unworthy of devotion, he will not be worshiped by mortals anywhere but this place. That is why Lord Brahama doesnt have many noted temples in the world.


Lucid Gypsy

Poetics at D’Verse offer the theme of place this week so I’ve chosen a photo I took at Savitri hill in Pushkar, Rajasthan. It’s a place that evokes strong memories for me.


Savitri Hill

Savitri I was beaten

am I Gayatri?

briefly chosen by Brahma

did I displace you?

you sacrificed Yajna

to play games with Laksmi

Parvati and Indrani

you still sit in anger

staring east at your rival

separated by lake

by Pushkar the great

Holy pilgrimage

and the one to defeat me

weak mortal

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