There’s always one

Crazy person – usually male, who likes to wear shorts in all seasons. Perhaps it’s me, but I can’t think of anything worse than bare legs when the temperature is -1.


So if it’s cold enough to need an insulated jacket and woolly hat, surely knees need protection as well, what do you think?


15 thoughts on “There’s always one

  1. I agree absolutely. I’ve given up feeling sorry for the postman who struggles to deliver my letters in the snow. Why doesn’t he cover his knees? In later life, he may regret this.

  2. I’m also with you on this . . . . the other evening I walked back from pilates. I had a thick long coat on, hat, double socks, loads of layers on top but thought I’d be fine in just my leggings. Well I felt warm walking back but when I got home and felt my face and my legs – they were scarily cold.

  3. The shorts thing seems to be a matter of pride with the post people – who can tough out the worst weather. Though I have come to the conclusion that the younger generation actually doesn’t seem to feel the cold. Saw a young man putting antifreeze in his car yesterday. It was a slow job – snow swirling, he in short sleeved t-shirt, apparently untouched by icy temps.

  4. We have people here that do the same thing. And what’s even more ridiculous, in my opinion, are the people who wear sweatshirts or coats and then have their bare feet in flip-flops.

  5. LOLOL … you’ve just posted a pet peeve of Al & I. Here in FLorida men wear shorts ALL the time. Many wear them to dinner. Of course, not in a fine restaurant but still the same – why is it so difficult or cumbersome to wear a long pair of pants in the evening. I sure hope his knees give him a pain or two. LOLOL ….Great photo
    Issy 😎

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