One of many . . .

. . . of my favourite places is Dartmoor National park, right here in Devon. It’s impossible to chose just one really isn’t it? This weeks photo challenge is pretty similar to the last, where I chose my own city as the place I’d rather be. Outside of Devon and the UK, my favourite place is usually the most recent place I’ve travelled to, but I’ve decided to stick to the moor.

For a slide show and bigger view click and photo.

#March Square 25

I’m back in Turkey again today, with a photo from a village in Anatolia. I’ve ticked the boxes for Becky, with circles in my square.

It’s been a while since this lovely old cart’s been anywhere. I hope it doesn’t completely fall apart.

Just a week left now in March, you can still join in, Becky’s last Sunday March square is here!