#March Square 25

I’m back in Turkey again today, with a photo from a village in Anatolia. I’ve ticked the boxes for Becky, with circles in my square.

It’s been a while since this lovely old cart’s been anywhere. I hope it doesn’t completely fall apart.

Just a week left now in March, you can still join in, Becky’s last Sunday March square is here!


11 thoughts on “#March Square 25

  1. That’s a lovely old cart. Best not move it, though! 🙂 🙂 It’s a beautiful morning here. Hope you can get out and about today. Sunday, feeling a bit fragile, hugs 🙂

    1. Oh-oh a little too much of something yesterday? It’s a lovely day here too, hooray, but I have a poorly Flora. She had a vet trip yesterday, she probably ate something she shouldn’t have again!

      1. My lovely friend Lynne was back in Durham briefly last night so we were celebrating. Months since I’d seen her. 🙂 So will you have to stay home?

  2. Hope Flora is on the mend.

    Such a fabulous cart but as Jo says don’t move it!!! Hope someone is inspired to repair it as otherwise it won’t be long before it collapses 😐

  3. An interesting contraption. I’m rather taken with the terracotta pots. Saw some lovely plant pots today, but terracotta is so heavy that I can’t even lift the large ones when empty!

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