#MarchSquare 24

I’ve just spent a lazy hour browsing my photos from past travels and I’ve found lots of potential squares in Turkey for Becky’s March challenge. You may be fed up with me by month end!

This photo was taken in Istanbul on my last day, I was shattered by then, my head exploding with images from travelling 1500 miles in that incredible country.

Here I am looking a bit dazed in the Grand Bazaar, not lost, there wasn’t enough time unfortunately. Becky, if not perfect circles, there are some rounded shapes for you. She has a soft sepia eye today.


5 thoughts on “#MarchSquare 24

  1. Wow think I’d be bedazzled by this point too. It is tiring exploring.

    Loving your soft circles but I can see at least two proper ones and just look at the squares at your feet πŸ˜€

  2. There are circles and squares in this image, Gilly, as well as the beautiful arches. You do look a trifle dazed but, reading your explanation I can understand why! πŸ™‚

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