Square Roofs

Becky’s created a square challenge again for June, this time it’s square roofs or rooves as some say. A few years ago a very clever friend proof read something for me. She said I should change my roofs to rooves and then I was corrected by my writing tutor who said it should be roofs!

My roofs today, complete with funicular, are in Bergamot northern Italy.

Looking down from the Citta Alta towards the new town.

Becky’s choice today is very clever!



7 thoughts on “Square Roofs

  1. Both are correct just that rooves is old English and not really used any more. I also find it odd. But then we say hooves and in that case hoofs is the old term! The English language eh! I like the funicular roof – cropped at the tree line 🙂

  2. Hi Gilly,  I hope you are well.  I saw your post on WordPress, and then found the one about the pilot dropping on a little home. I did a little bit of digging on the internet, (didn’t take too long) and discovered this photo, which I’m sure you’ll like. Could have been taken from as close to the same spot as it’s possible to manage! And the added bonus of Concorde!! I’m ok, but have never got my head around doing blogs, as you’ll have noticed, and have lost my mojo a bit as far as photography is concerned. I might start looking into it again, to give me a reason to be taking photos again.  Anyway, keep posting your stuff! take care, Robxxx

  3. Gorgeous roofs and rooves – I say use whichever seems right for the roof!

    And so so glad you liked mine today. Think it caught a few people out!

  4. You have been to some lovely places, hon. Glad we added Warsaw to the list. 🙂 🙂 Adam told me if it’s too hot for me in the Algarve next summer I should visit them. He’s a sweetheart. Of course, it’s likely to be equally warm. 🙂

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