10 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

    1. A bit of a sulky pants 🙂 I gather the fires services are battling in the Lancashire moors, it must be horrific. We’ve had heavy rain for a couple of hours now, and my washing’s on the line, but hey if that’s all I have to worry about . . . How are you my love, settled back in?

      1. It’s peat that’s burning, Gilly, so the fumes will linger for days. Hard to believe it’s happening in rainy old Lancashire. It was another lovely one here today and we’ve spent most of the day at an Open Garden event where the full village were involved, up in Teesdale. I survived zumba yesterday…just, and have coooked a Sunday lunch today. Yes, back in the routine. 🙂 🙂

    1. Except like snow in winter, and leaves on the railway lines in the autumn, we don’t seem to be able to cope with these things at all!

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