The varied roofs of Warsaw

They come in all shapes and sizes, including the stadium. I was standing at the top of Stalin’s Gift, the Palace of culture, which like the stadium, pops up as a landmark to help you get your bearings.

Or not as the case may be. I must say that Warsaw challenged my pretty good sense of direction, but it was a short visit.

Today is the penultimate day of Becky’s June Square Challenge and it’s been a fascinating one. Today she has a very pointed roof with an odd story.


10 thoughts on “The varied roofs of Warsaw

  1. D’you know, I don’t think you’re appearing in my Reader either? I’m going to give WP a piece of my mind. (not a very big one because I can’t spare it 🙂 ) Thank you for the roof top view. Love you, honey! Lindy’s away so peace and quiet this weekend?

  2. Fantastic view, and wonderful rooves . . . makes me very sad it has taken me more than 21days to see your Warsaw roof post. I am so very sorry. Loving it today though 🙂

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