Crenellation, roof and tanka

Today at lunch I took one of my regular strolls, trying to keep in the shade and walking much slower than usual to try to stay cool. I’ve walked past the lodge countless times and never given the crenellations any thought. But I grabbed it for Becky.

Freshly painted door

jars a little with the stone

and gentle roses

but just give it time, sun, rain

inevitable winter


Then I thought, it’s Thursday tomorrow, I could post at haiku, which became a tanka.


16 thoughts on “Crenellation, roof and tanka

  1. Oh your ‘Tanka’ is beautiful. And I’m so glad you grabbed the crenellations…… Loving that word this morning btw, think it should be the word of the day. Crenellations!

    1. She’s just taking a little break like mine, I’ve been trying some really basic writing exercises and while not producing wonders at least I’m holding a pen!

      1. No, no, no, Gilly…I was being a bit metaphorical… My writing is rubbish, but hey, there’s other ways of writing than a pen!

  2. Loving the crenellations conversation. Isn’t English a weird, wonderful old language! And what an inspirational lunch hour. I hope the sunshine takes you joyfully through the weekend, hon. I hardly dare say it but the sun is shining here in the north east too…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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