The last square of June

Even though I didn’t post many square’s this time, I really liked Becky’s roof challenge. I had chosen the last photo a few days ago, but I took this one today at Burrow Farm and decided to use it instead. I like it’s rustic look, it seems that nature has made it’s own way.

I made it with two hours to spare!


The varied roofs of Warsaw

They come in all shapes and sizes, including the stadium. I was standing at the top of Stalin’s Gift, the Palace of culture, which like the stadium, pops up as a landmark to help you get your bearings.

Or not as the case may be. I must say that Warsaw challenged my pretty good sense of direction, but it was a short visit.

Today is the penultimate day of Becky’s June Square Challenge and it’s been a fascinating one. Today she has a very pointed roof with an odd story.

An Etna roof

Becky’s June square challenge continues, in Lisbon.I had a bit of a dilemma with my photo because it fits Paula’s challenge too. You’ll see what I decided to do tomorrow.

I took the photo somewhere in the region of Monti Sartorius, Sant’Alfio in the Mount Etna National Park. Etna erupted several times between 2011-2012, this was June 2013 and there was plenty of evidence of damage. No one has ever died as a result of an eruption.