Just a quickie

Because I wanted to share tonight’s sky at the valley park with you.

Pynes Hill sunset clouds
Pynes Hill sunset

13 thoughts on “Just a quickie

  1. I saw almost the identical image through my window, those wonderful crepuscular rays. Even called the OH to have a look, but I didn’t go upstairs to fetch my camera. Well captured Gilly.

      1. It was quite cold here this morning, but beautifully sunny…. then cloudier later, but followed by the magnificent sunset. Tomorrow is destined to be dull, apparently

  2. So beautiful, Gilly. I was saying to hubby yesterday evening as we sat looking at the gorgeous sky over our lake, that we get a different painting every day. Much better than watching TV. 🙂 xx

      1. Thanks, Gilly. Yes, I’m fine, but don’t take many photos these days. I may get back into blogging, but at the moment I fill my leisure time with reading and playing my piano. xx

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