Street Art Series

Graffiti writing and street art are often confused with one another. Both are subversive art movements where work is displayed in public rather than a gallery setting. While graffiti artists place their work in public, generally speaking they are not interested in the public understanding their work; they want to speak to other graffiti artists. Street artists want everyone to view and be engaged by their work. They are trying to make a statement. Graffiti writing and street art are closely related contemporary art movements, however, they differ in terms of technique, function and intent

I’ve decided to do an occasional post of street art, so the quote is for anyone who is uncertain of the difference. Like many of you, I love street art and find some graffiti interesting.

Street artI’m kicking off with this on from the trendy Cour Julien and I’d love to know your feelings about street art.

Happy Thursday!



11 thoughts on “Street Art Series

  1. I always think of graffiti as small works of art or the horrid tagging, often on larger street murals. Some graffiti can be amusing / thought-provoking. A lot of street art is also funded by businesses or organisations and used to decorate otherwise boring spaces. I look forward to seeing what else you have in your archives. Looking at this one I have to wonder why chess pieces? Are they relevant to the building?

  2. Street art can be a beautiful thing and actually add something to the landscape of cities. We have many kind of this art here in the US, some are very large murals which are quite eye catching.

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