Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #15

A few weeks ago I was taking a photo of a street in Aix en Provence. I decided to set the camera to one of it’s creative modes, where you don’t need to have a drop of creativity yourself, it does it for you. I have no idea how it happened, but instead of one of  the options of the view, it was changing on its own and I ended up with fifteen to choose from. Here are seven.

Perhaps I should read the camera manual, but I never do, I’m a kinesthetic learner and I don’t understand them!



12 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #15

  1. Ah yes, that is the art scene mode which takes a photo of each of the art effects. Some are better than others, but all fit into the changeable category!

      1. On my camera it is the last option – Art (BKT) 13 , you must have accidentally selected that. I use it occasionally to see what effect works well.

  2. How nice of you to give us the amount you did – I think all 15 might have been too much – and the amount here was just enough – I looked at every image and funny how a hard artsy version (you have smart camera – ha) well
    Each version highlights different items – the dresses are more prominent in some and the guy with crutches stands out in others –
    Fun shot

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