12 thoughts on “Mundane Monday

      1. Reading a lot, mainly biographies of amazing women. Posting privately and breaking all the rules I set myself about post lengths and frequency. Learning eucalypts. Trying to disappear half my possessions ready for the descent of family in a week or two – need one spare junk room or a major declutter! Spending never-enough-time with friends. Sneaking looks at your blogs. Making my Beltane broom stand up by itself. Watching everything flourish after rain and being terrified by the thought of fire. Are you enjoying autumn?

      2. Sounds like you’re having a perfectly lovely time and just as busy. Which family are coming next? I hope there isn’t a fire risk down your way, lo g may the rain continue. Autumn has been quite nice, but the rain has made it mucky now. We’ve had strong wind and as it’s December tomorrow
        autumn is done with, although the temperature has been about 15c today!
        Beltane broom eh, now that’s an interesting image ๐Ÿ™‚
        Are you planning a trip do Warsaw next year? G x-)x

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