March Spiky squares

Well it’s the third of march already and I’m finally joining Becky’s square challenge. She says that as long as our photos are square, they can be, ‘ spiky, jagged, pointy, bristly, serrated, prickly, spiny, and/or barbed.’

I wonder how many cactus photos we’ll see in March.

These can be found high above the beach at Sidmouth in a little greenhouse that’s been there for years. I may have some more cactus later in the month, it depends how hard the challenge becomes, Join in here and see how far outside the box and creative B gets.


7 thoughts on “March Spiky squares

  1. I love this. I’ve become very fond of cactus lately and have been experimenting with painting cactus in different mediums. They are fun, and I’ve developed a whole new appreciation for them. Your picture us great.

  2. how fabulous . . . . .be quite fun to have a cacti greenhouse. I guess not too much work either!! So happy you have joined us 😀

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