Researching balance

Who’s been a research participant?

I’ve always been interested in health research and around ten years ago I took part in a major program here, the Exeter 10,000.I was weighed, measured, blood pressure and cholesterol checked, and the information gathered was added to a database.

Last time I checked, they had recruited close to the 10K participants they hoped. I was asked if it was okay to contact me if I matched any further studies.

The next one was quite interesting, two, 2 hour visits six months apart where I was put through some quite challenging, but good fun, memory tests. I received a report on that one and was pleased that I’d performed well.

Now today, I’m wearing some little gadgets that have made a few people laugh. I’ve been asked if I’m being ‘tagged’, as  a criminal might. I have a sensor on my back,

One just above each ankle,

and one on each foot.

Some people believed me when I said it was a fashion statement. But most found the truth more interesting.

so now it’s nearly 9 pm, and the batteries will run out so it’s time to take the gdgets off. In the morning I take them back to Mubarack who will gather the information he needs, for his PHD research on balance as we age. Taking part was no problem for me. If you ever have the opportunity to help with someone’s research, stop and think where we’d be without it, and please, please take part if you can.

The Exeter 10,000



9 thoughts on “Researching balance

  1. The only way medical knowledge increases is through research and it’s important to help make that happen. I’ve been a part of a research project too and I like to think my little contribution will help make someone else’s life better in the future. Well done!

  2. You are so awesome to help with research! When I was getting my PhD – it was so tough to get folks to join in. Many folks do see it is very inconvenient or do not understand its value – but you do and the gadgets you had to wear are so interesting

  3. That’s an interesting study about balance as we age. I started Pilates in January 2018 at the age of 61, have attended almost every week since then – and still can’t stand on one leg without falling over 🙂 I hope your PhD researcher published his findings.
    I’ve been involved in a blood pressure trial since 2014 to see if it’s more beneficial to take medication in the evening or the morning – I’m not noticing any difference personally.

  4. A fascinating post! I love the photos and your wit in suggesting it’s a fashion statement.

    I’d hate to have my balance checked – I’d fail I think if rock-hopping is any indicator. Now a wobble test – that I’d pass with flying colours!

    I’m involved in a 45 and up study but that only requires me to answer periodic questionnaires, which occasionally make startling revelations = like my vegetable consumption.

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