The creepiest beasts on the planet

I haven’t joined in with the lens-artist challenge for ages but It’s time I did. This week it’s Ann-Christine’s turn to choose the theme and Halloween has made her think of creepy things. Her tunnel lurker is creepy, but the troll is way too cute to scare me.

The idea of spiders spinning around over my head is creepy for me and many other people. Worst of all are crocodilians. I know that some of  my friends down under and around the southern United States come across them and take it in their stride, but for me they are prehistoric and the most hideous creatures.

I think disbelief was what got me out of the bus that day, surely the people  wouldn’t really choose to share their village with them.

And as for this lass from our little group, how creepy that they are both smiling!


16 thoughts on “The creepiest beasts on the planet

  1. Never in my life I would have done that…Is it alive – the croc? I saw dried ones in Egypt and thought they were creepy…Great choice, Gilly – I believe most of us got chills now…

  2. I have a photo of my 4 year old at the time daughter kissing a crocodile! I must admit though it was made of cement bu looked real. When I showed the photo to the grandparents they nearly got a heart attack :). Nice one Gilly

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