It’s beginning . . .

I can’t avoid it now.

But as I’ve done the majority of my Christmas shopping I feel quite smug this year, I’m not usually this organised. I haven’t even thought about cards though, oh well, I can’t get everything right.

One of my favourite things about Christmas is going to see the lights in town. Exeter’s are rather modest compared to the big cities, but they’re still magical to me.

I went to town for an after work browse at the shops, this is the High Street.

Then it was time for supper, we wandered around trying to decide where to eat. There’s a whole new bunch of chain restaurants recently opened in the Guildhall, much needed, there were so few choices before – she says with tongue firmly fixed in cheek! We checked the menus of half a dozen, before returning to a favourite, Bill’s. It’s always tasty and the atmosphere is lively but early in the evening, it isn’t too manic. Walking back through town afterwards, a last look at the pretties.

hs7To see some really stunning Christmas lights, you really should pop over to visit Rommel, he’s in Japan.


What are Santa’s little helper’s up to?

After dinner in town last night I wandered through Princesshay and this is what I saw.

x13Something mysterious going on, now let’s see.

x15A lovely green cherry picker!

x14this must be Santa’s helpers if they’re decorating the tree.

Someone else has been busy!

In the city centre, the finishing touches were being added to the Christmas lights. Just in time, because tonight is the official switch on and crowds of people will be there to watch. I had my own private peep, as the lovely installation guys were testing things.

The magic has arrived!