Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

I’ve just subscribed to The Daily Post where each week there is a photo challenge. Here is my first attempt. I bought a compact macro for my CanonEos 450D about a year and a half ago and never have got to grips with it, my shots always disappoint me. I probably thought that just screwing it on would be enough for me to suddenly take amazing photos – wrong! Anyway today I had about 30 tries at the Echinacea,¬†beginning¬†on fully auto, hopeless as the flash cut in. Then I tried aperture value, slightly better, and then being really brave I went fully manual and this is the result. I’m not that pleased with the result but too lazy to get the tripod out to make it any better! I’ve signed up for a digital photography course with the Open University in October, so maybe…just maybe, I’ll make some progress.