Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

I found this weeks challenge really tough. I decided not to go the route of bark/shell/natural stuff and kept getting texture and textile mixed up in my head! I came close to posting a bunch of alpacas with different states of hairiness though. Anyway I’ve decided on this sculpture that I edited a little. The original is a bronze, about a metre high,  that has been created to look like wood and was at Dartington Hall in Devon, UK.

Okay I’ve decided to add two more photos, the first, alpacas because I love their wool/fur/coat? which has mixed textures of silk, fluff and slightly rough.

and then this one, taken on Dartmoor in the UK. It’s a huge slab of granite with the ten Commandments carved into it.


28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

  1. This is wonderful .. so would have the alpacas. I love fiddling with photos as well as it brings out the textures! Im going to research the word as I think texture and textile are relatives in the sense of the root of the word, not sure but I shall as this week progresses! Thank you for your conjecture on texture.

  2. and you ended up adding the alpaca’s. Good, they feel unreal and look incredible. greatly textured in their appearance. The rocks, well they’re amazing, I love rocks too, that pic shows to me a weaving of a story in the chiseling. Thank you / awesome shots. I write other blogs one being called Sentimental Rox on Blogger ( http://roxsentimental.blogspot.com/) take a look sometime.

    1. Mezza, I have just read Sentimental and loved it. The family section really moved me and I’m sat with my breakfast bagel and tears – that’s okay though I’m happy with tears. I’ll pop back again soon.

  3. your first one is brilliant – so outside the box. Way to go, Gilly. Thank you also for including the alpacas – they make me smile. And your third image is evocative and reflective. All of them are wonderful texture images. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a relaxing weekend.

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