Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

It’s been a busy summer of craft fairs and shows. Before we shut down for the winter my friend Lindy and I have a final few manic weeks and have been busy making jewellery. As usual Lindy has made most of the beads, my role is designing and making necklaces – and I like to think that I’m pretty good convincing people that they need to treat themselves!

So for the possibility challenge I thought I’d show you the raw materials,

Could this possibly turn into anything useful?

A stage along the way,

Some of the ingredients,

From possibility land to a beautiful result,

Which I hope you like!


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

  1. Great beads, they look like liquorice alsorts. I am sure you have the possibility of finding lots of people to buy them, especially with Christmas coming up. 🙂 🙂

  2. Beautiful interpretation of “Possibility”. Photo’s showcase a lovely beginning to end …well done.
    I am a silversmith and have done art shows for 28 years. Recently, I retired and am going to begin my new adventure of selling my work on the internet. To view one of my jewelry art pieces click on the blog below.
    I will keep your blog address in my files in the event that I wish to use your types of beads. The necklace photo on the blog is made with 1950’s antique handblown beads. It is nice to see creativity all around this blog world.

    1. Isadora, namaste!
      I love your necklace, it looks like copper? Yes it’s great to see so many people producing and creating gorgeous work and thank you for sharing yours. Good luck with the internet selling, will it be etsy?

  3. Well aren’t you just the clever little woman – i wish I could do that !!
    Re pingbacks I think you just link – I did that just now on my post. See if you get a pingback from it.
    Let me know okay if you do.


    1. I’m sure you could Jo, just a few techniques to learn and then practise. Don’t think I got a pingback, really too daft to understand it – just added you to my blog roll though.
      G 🙂

      1. Well thank you sweet Gilly.
        It takes a while to come through with WP – they are slow – but yeah I just linked and someone else got their’s so here’s hoping.
        Oh – I did make a black rose brooch the other day after a lady held a workshop – haven’t seen the finished result so not sure how that went.

    1. Thank you Glenn! I’ve visited your blog and made a comment but it’s quite difficult as its not wordpress. There is so much to see over there, love your photos. have you considered taking part in the weekly photo challenge?

    1. Thank you! there is quite a lot to learn but its’ all good fun. Thanks also for being my top commenter, I must reward your loyalty by finishing some writing instead of just photography. 🙂

    1. Dear Rommel, you made me laugh so much! no-one has ever called me dame before it’s the funniest thing ever! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and patiently reading so much. I look forward to seeing more of your weekly photo challenges.

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