Confusion is the Child of Assumption

I don’t usually say this but for once if anyone has any feedback I would really appreciate it šŸ˜‰

Confusion is the child of assumption

Stalk me and question

Ask if I have no shame

Is there nothing sacred

Nothing to be withheld

In this virtual world


Ask if I have no shame

When I share and bare my spirit

I have none I am raw

I have no need to conceal

I am more than half way healed


Ask if I have no shame

And then project your own

Ignore the tribute made

Do I have to shout it loud

To save the virtual stalk


No shame in fact Iā€™m proud

For navigating a wonky journey

So often on my own

Fulfilling a role too early

But now well prepared and grown


Save your stalking energy

For shame unbinding threads

That never served you honestly

Just blanked it from your head

Where still it festers now