The River Exe, from Exeter to Exmouth

I’ve decided it’s time to post more about where I live, a really beautiful part of the world, so these are a few photos of the river that runs through my  home town. It begins north of here in the depths of the countryside but I’m beginning just down the road and ending ten miles away at the estuary.

So first of all, Exeter’s historic quay

Trew’s weir, a mile down river

Of course there are always mute swans

 Kriz’s photo here inspired this post, because it reminded me of one of my favourite paths, along the mill leat that begins just after the weir.

The leat rejoins the river

The old mill

Looking up river, with  the canal on the left .

Another lovely path

Reed beds

The canal, one of the oldest in the country, begins at the quay and runs about five miles to the Turf lock and parallel to the river. This is about half way down.

Topsham quay, the river’s half way point between Exeter and Exmouth

Topsham, looking down river.

Lympstone, eight miles down and the river is quite wide

and finally, the estuary looking west towards Dawlish Warren.

I hope you enjoyed your brief meander down stream!