I was saddened to hear news on All Things Considered (Host Melissa Block, NPR) a few days ago about an immigrant family where three family members, a father, a second wife, and a son, were found by a Canadian jury guilty of murder.  The family was from Afghanistan.  The three convicted justified the killing of the first wife and three daughters, ages 19, 17, and 13, as “honor killings.”

I almost pulled to the side of the road from the horror of the news!  I felt this sick gnawing in the pit of my stomach all of a sudden.  Then the revulsion crept up to my throat and stayed there like a thick wad of pre-masticated bolus.

Shafia Trial Verdict Announcement

I listened as the reporter described the judge’s description of the murders.  Ontario Superior Court Judge Robert Maranger said to the three guilty members:

“It is difficult to conceive of a more heinous…

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