43 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

  1. Hahahaa … do elephants have lips ???? That is a funny statement. I’m tearing up from laughing so much. I keep going back to look. LOLOL
    Now – to the photo – WOW … that’s a great shot. I can see every hair on his head. It looks like the fuzzy hair you see on a baby. Was he being fed??? It looks like he was having his teeth cleaned. Oh my – I could go on. I am laughing at his expression now. This one is a SUPER DUPER one, Gilly …. LOLOLOL

  2. That is an interesting shot, Gilly. The poor elephant looks terrified, though. I don’t like dentists either (for the fact someone is poking around in my mouth, and I can’t see what they are doing to me… probably just as well). i wonder what that dude is doing rummaging around in the elephant’s mouth?

  3. I’m always amazed at people who put their hands and arms and heads inside an elephant’s mouth or an alligator or a tiger. Great shot. Wonder what that eye is telling us?

    1. To be fair it was a hungry baby and very cute. I have photos of friends sat on crocodiles – taken from a distance because I wouldn’t go near one of those beasties!

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