Sunday Post: Light

This post if for Jakes regular Sunday post here have a peep, join in and share your photos and check out Jake’s stunning graphics!

These are my mermaids of light! I’ve been waiting for a reason to post this photo, I love it, click on it to appreciate the light. Incidentally my novel in progress is about a modern day girl caught up in the mermaid myth.


26 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Light

  1. I’d still be the first to buy your book Gilly – the plot is just the sort of thing i like to read :-)) Stop blogging and go write me some of it!!!!

    Lovely pic, too :-)) xxx

      1. My moany old grumpy arse blog – lol 🙂 Seriously though – get that novel going, really will love it, I know I will!!

  2. Another month or two, and it will be time to hit the beach again. When I see shots like this, it makes me count down the days. Great photo. Congrats on your upcoming book, Gilly.

  3. Wow, definitely needs to be clicked on to be fully appreciated! First click took me to full screen view, breathtaking, wonderful play of light on water – but then the full zoom was amazing, even though it surpassed my screen, just looking at the detail, each wave, each splash, such a wonder of light!

  4. OOOOhhhh … rough seas. It’s time to sit and have a cocktail. Can’t swim. I would never go in if it looks that rough. It does have a powerful images and the sky breathtaking. Why is everything so beautiufl when the waters are menacing.
    You have lots of cool photo’s. How long have you been photographing????

    1. I’m not much of a swimmer either – can’t put my head under! I have masses of photos lots of which are rubbish. I guess I’ve been taking it more seriously for 3 or 4 years. I love it but I never improve the technical bit 🙂

      1. You know, Gilly, I find that if I get into the technical stuff I lose my interest. I just like to have fun with photograhing. Ironically, some do come out looking real good. I think that if I padi more attention to the technical the pix’s would turn out awful. LOLOL
        You’ve got a lot of really good ones …. keep them coming. ~~~~ : – )

  5. Woooooowwwwww!!!!! Gilly, this is terrific! Well, you have your cover photo: Now to the rest of the story …….

    In all seriousness, one of the best novels I’ve written was inspired totally and completely by a picture. I just could not get away from it, and the story started coming and kept coming in spite of my attempt to NOT pay attention to that picture. (Because I was already working on two other books at the time). It’s kind of an amazing story, and I tell it to the readers in the foreword of the book. One bookstore owner is convinced it helps sell the book. I’ll share the whole story in an article on the blog one day, but I just thought you’d like to know that much as a way of being encouraged that, at least sometimes, when you have the picture, it can virtually give you the story.
    Happy writing!

  6. I do like lots of your photos but this one especially – you were right to tell us to click to see the light in all its lovely sparkles off the sea. And the Granite Way photos too.
    Thanks for looking at my pictures I’m a travelling granny suffering from successive culture shocks, and have a computer full of dodgy photos. Yours are amazing and beautiful.

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