Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

Sara Rosso at the WordPress Daily Post has chosen the theme of ‘Arranged’ for this weeks challenge. I liked the way these brightly decorated sheep were arranged on the Cathedral green!

They were decorated by children in local schools and grazed on the green for the weekend, it’s a pity they didn’t stay.

63 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

    1. I heard about then because the ‘school’ in the hospital where I work decorated one of them. Apparently they were distributed to lots of local schools as a project. The green was covered in them and I found them really magical 🙂

  1. Lovely and colourful if a tad oversized 😉 What are they made of? I have a similar, but much much smaller, brightly patterned ceramic cow that I designed my powder room around 🙂

  2. Beautiful, bright, cheerful and who cares if they are sheep, cows or goats. The idea is simply one of that brings a smile to your face and that can only be good.

  3. Several years ago in my town, city council sponsored some local artists to make these curved doors that a painted in all sorts of ways like these animals. They were place all over the downtown core, and while they got attention they didn’t really become popular. Some of them are still around but most are now gone. Maybe if the city had animals like these made, it would have gotten better attention.

  4. As I followed your link from the Daily Post blog, I was wondering how you managed to get sheep “arranged.” Now I understand. Several cities here in the U.S. have put up urban art projects (and sometimes they are also charity fundraisers) like this. I have a picture of my son kissing a painted “manatee” in Jacksonville, Florida. Lots of fun and a nice post!

  5. Love these – have always wished I could make life-size papier-mâché animals to put in my garden. I thought a giraffe (maybe a baby one) looking over the front hedge would amuse children passing. Now where did I put that stack of old newspapers and tub of glue? 🙂

  6. I love the colorful pigs! They remind me of the cows for charity… By the way, your comment and like didn’t show up on my post… Where did you place them? If on a picture, they don’t show up on my blog… Please could you stop by again? TY! 🙂

  7. Love it! The GTA (greater Toronto area) did something similar as a fundraiser a few years ago … only with Moose (of course).

  8. Our Art League gave big pigs to the artist to paint for a fund raiser for scholarships. They brought in quite a bit of pennies. They should have had a fun raiser, maybe, nest time. They are pretty good little artists. Unusual and fun pix, Gilly. I like your thinking.

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