A Cycle of Platforms and Hot Pants

Browsing a few shops the other day my friend (also middle aged) and I had a lot of laughs at the clothes in the High Street fashion shops. Some of the things they would like young women to wear, are quite ridiculous, ghastly and even dangerous. I pulled tiny, bright yellow, jeans style shorts from the rack, held them against myself and decided that if I could somehow force them onto my plumptious rear, I would probably get arrested. I was told the next day that they are worn with thick black tights, uh so? They would still be ultra revealing. Again, from my old fogey perspective, I find it quite worrying to drive through the town on a Saturday night, and see girls, even in winter, in the skimpiest of garments, especially when they are far from sober. And then I remembered. I would have been sixteen, drop dead gorgeous and with a perfect figure, when I wore Hot Pants and walked down the town on a Saturday night, far from sober! I was never one for flashing the cleavage, but my  long, brown and sexy legs climbed high up to my very cropped denims. Actually my skirts were possibly worse than the Hot Pants, because they barely covered my assets and were definitely shorter than this.

We looked at shoes next; laughing at five inch platformed Betty Boo heels, that we would need scaffolding to be able to climb into, and crutches for three months if we attempted to walk in them. Some, like these are beautiful art, I’m tempted to buy some for posterity.

I asked a shopper if she wears anything like it and she said that yes, she does on a night out, and can keep them on comfortably for four to five hours. She was a sweetie, twenty-one and happy to have a laugh with us.  Apparently she usually wears them with skinny jeans, the mind boggles. I really hope she manages to keep staying vertical. And then I remembered. My five inch, sling back platformed shoes, shiny yellow patent and worn with those tiny skirts. I really wish I’d kept them or even had a photo . . . sighs. I wonder if the twenty –one year old will be looking at the fashion when she is middle aged,and laughing about it. In the 80’s, leggings were everywhere, they disappeared for a while but then lycra’d their way back to a whole new generation, who think they’re cool. But there’s nothing new under the sun is there? Are you old enough to remember wearing some of today’s so called hot trends? Do tell me!

54 thoughts on “A Cycle of Platforms and Hot Pants

  1. Oh, platform shoes…I remember platform shoes! And then there were the minis that we roamed around in just thinking about how groovy we looked…well, if you can’t dress like an idiot when you’re twenty, when can you?

  2. I fondly remember my comfortable saddle oxfords and penny loafers, and of course the mini shirts,hot pants,sizzlers, and string bikinis (none of which I’d wear today). Today, it is a casual pair of jeans (with spandex) and a simple top and I’m good to go. I too old to worry about what people think, when I have to suffer/enjoy my own wardrobe choices. Okay, so I’ll wear a dress if/when the occasion demands one. But really, why suffer needlessly? If these kids want to break their necks to impress someone else, more power to them. 🙂

  3. I’m kind of in that “middle age” (mid-30’s), but look young for my age (which means I still get asked where my mom is, but have to dress like a repectable mom when I’m with my kids.) I agree, awful skirt and shoes (holy hoochimama!)…I still do the 4 inch heels and don’t have too much issue walking/dancing in them (perhaps this is the positive payoff for all of those gymnastics years? ;P) I’m not a fan of the wedges that have come back in style. I think at the moment I raise my eyebrows a lot at the more revealing, trendy items because my 9 year old daughter looks older(and is very tall) for her age- If I had a nickle for every time my husband or I said, “If our kid ever tried to leave the house in something like THAT….”, I’d be a rich woman. The same goes for a lot of the hair do’s that are trendy on the boys right now. This whole long, messy, greasy, tousled post-justin bieber thing is just odd (to an old fart like me) I’m hoping that by the time my little guy is old enough to choose his haircut, they’ll be something a little less “feathery” and product filled that’s cool 🙂

    1. Hahaha you’re very young! I hate to see the very young girls in sexualised clothing and those boys haircuts are ghastly! They will look back on photos and be embarrassed!

  4. You know, I was having these deja vu moments the other day too. We should have hung onto some of those old clothes perhaps! Though as a teenager I had very little money and fewer clothes, so jeans, desert boots and cheesecloth shirts made up my wardrobe.
    I never mastered heels. And now I don’t even want to try!

  5. 90 pounds for those shoes?! I’m more amazed that young people can afford clothes, these days! 😀
    I really enjoyed the contrasts you’ve put into this one. Scoffing at the styles, but then remembering that we were no better when we were in our young twenties. (No, I wasn’t, either.) It reads almost poetic, in a way. Very nice of that younger lady to stop and have a laugh about it all, too. I do wonder if she’ll have the same reaction to her younger generations as we do to ours, once she’s past twenty-five. 🙂

    Of course, this kind of post makes me want to look at vintage clothing around here! 😀

    1. The prices are shocking! I like the idea of vintage but suspect you have to be reasonable young to get away with it – if I wore it it might just look frumpy! Thanks for a lovely comment 🙂

  6. My bottom was too big for some but looking at photos I did risk a bit of leg as far as skirts were concerned. I did have a pair of boots that looked like tar had been painted on my legs. I had to roll them down to get them off!

    1. I think I had those ones, a sort of squidgy,crinkly leg section with a band around the top, mine were white – for a while! and I wore them with a blue fur edged suede coat. I often wonder how the chunkier girls manage these days because all the trendy shops are stuffed with tiny sizes. 🙂

    1. Have you got any photos of yourself back then Jude? The other extreme was the maxis, I had a flowing jungle print one – again just the same as in the shops now 🙂

  7. I loved hot pants, mini skirts, GO-GO boots, platform shoes. Why is it that I’ve misplaced mine too. I loved them so much I was going to keep them forever. Where can they have disappeared to?

    Good post. Had a good laugh about the good old days . . . sigh.

    1. They were good days (goodness I’m old!) and the worse that happened to me with my minis on was the wolf whistles! Oh and I’m convinced that the fat on my thighs now was natures way of keeping me warm in case I plan to expose it all in the future 🙂

  8. oh dear, i was such a dag … a flower child type … no hot pants or high heels for me … it was calico, cheese cloth and denim, silk scarfs, bright patchwork long skirts .. although i do still have a fabulous stringy leather waistcoat with tassels almost to the ground, and a kind of tapestry gown i wore to get married when we eloped …. the anglican priest in his gowns offered to swap!

    1. I did that too, a real Jekyll and Hyde me! And I remember those waistcoats too because I always wanted to cut the tassels off. Your wedding gown sounds fab 🙂

  9. Very entertaining! I also never liked flashing cleavage but I’ve always had legs to die for & did NOT hesitate to show them under short, short skirts. And, in my 20’s (late 70s on……) I wore high heeled-shoe, esp.those w/ straps around the ankles — we called them “catch-me-f***-me shoes”……… hard to believe, isn’t it?

      1. Ah, I’ve never had red shoes, but I was definitely tarty;) Feeling my Woman Power, you know, heh heh I really like those glittery boots you photo’d, tho I don’t wear high heels like that anymore.

  10. Stunning! Love those boots! I have a thing for boots. LOL! Good old days is coming back for sure..heheheh. Great shots hon! 🙂

      1. LOL! Glad to hear I am not alone in this. I still do love my stilletos but to wear them is yet another thing..hehehe. Well, I can honestly tell you that I did enjoy them in my younger days and I enjoyed the fashion then. But now and then it is fun to be courageious. We are not dead yet! heheheheh

  11. Love the photos…oh Gilly when I think back to the heels I used wear under mini skirts or hot pants, or jeans I had to lie on the ground and yank the zipper up with a coathanger to get on…it brings a smile. Every generation does it and as they pass on they complain and marvel at the following generation. My parents did it as did theirs…now its our turn.

  12. Am using my smart phone – which is not so smart and won’t let me leave a message as ‘pix & kardz’ but it is really me 🙂
    How does the saying go? The more things change, the more they are the same. I remember a very cool pair of platform shoes – and walking to school and back with them without tripping or twisting my ankles! In hindsight they were quite ugly but at the time my fashion sense took precedence over aesthetics and I loved them 🙂
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  13. Seems too recent to be considered “vintage-wear.”. I can still do high heels when the occasion calls for it but I’ve painstakingly sought really comfortable makes. I have to say that if I wore A mini oday, my daughter would probably raise her eyebrows!

  14. I love this Gilly! Oh do I ever remember! I was a disco queen and can remember short dresses, high heels and standing in lines to get in with nary a coat in the middle of winter! I’m six feet tall, but always wore heels. My hubby, a couple of inches shorter than me said I was worth the climb, LOL! I’m a no heels zone now as I too would break my ankle toppling off those wedges. Margie

  15. I was too self-conscious to wear micro-mini’s, favouring the maxi look. But I did wear outrageously wide bell-bottomed trousers – clinging on my thighs, then flaring right out, teamed with a tiny cheesecloth shirt, tied just under the bust. I loved platforms, though – they were surprisingly comfortable, considering how clumpy and dangerous they look. Thanks for this blast from the past, Gilly 🙂

  16. I’ve always been a trendy dresser, and LOVED all the crazy ugly over the top clothing of the 80s! I loved walking around looking like Madonna, and I ain’t talking about the holy one.
    On the other hand, my daughter (who you’ve all seen in photos) COULD easily wear the clothing you’ve shown in this post, since she is young/tall/slender. She’d rather die by hanging than wear “that ‘ho stuff” as she calls it. We always get a chuckle over what a Doris Day throwback she is!
    Great post, Gilly! Nostalgia rocks!

  17. I think I dress quite well for my age, I’m careful not to do the mutton dressed as lamb look but its quite hard to get it right – don’t want to go frumpy! your daughter looks lovely just as she is and I’m with her on the ‘ho stuff’ 🙂

  18. Well you got me with the hot pants – I remember pulling those on and heading downtown – we do forget don’t we? And the platforms, yes to those too – I stand 6 feet tall WITHOUT the heels so I was definitely a stand-out in the crowd.

  19. Those were the days honey! I wore those boots in London and rocked all the fashions. I’ll do it again, only sadly, my kids might lock me up. 😆

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