So Many Beautiful Villages in Devon, Gypsy Goes a Wandering in Spreyton!

My friend and I agreed to have  craft table at a fund raising dog show last weekend. It was in aid of German Shepherd rescue, a very good cause. The sun shone and the dogs were cute but as we didn’t have very many customers Gypsy went for a village wander to pass sometime.

The main road into the village had some pretty cottages and a tiny school



The pub looked quite appealing – hum, maybe it’s as well that i didn’t have any money with me!

And then I discovered Spreyton Pottery and Ross, its very friendly owner. His signature style is a blue glaze, from quite pale to a deeper rich shade and sometimes decorated with dragons or the triple hare emblem *. I fell for a lovely bowl that would be the perfect size for salad and very affordable – if I’d had that cash on me! His work seemed familiar and I thought perhaps I had seen him at a craft show, but then I spotted a coffee mug on a shelf, and realised I had one, a present from a friend and one of my favourites.

Ross also offers pottery classes, with tasters for an hour and a half, which allow enough time to have a go at throwing on the wheel, and painting pottery. He also does one day workshops which include lunch at the pub above, the Tom Cobley – I like the sound of that! Alternatively you can book six weeks of evening or day courses so that as well as learning to throw, you can try slip cast, glazing and decorating your creations.

Ross is a talented man, not just a potter, he also built his lovely studio. He was very welcoming, even though I came empty handed! An all round affable guy, one of the things he does are Hen party sessions, including lunch at the pub, I’m sure he would be a good tutor and genial host.

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I strolled on up the village, feeling inspired to try my hand at pottery again . There was hardly anyone around, the odd dog, child and chicken enjoying the peaceful sunshine. I headed for the church, and through the lych gate

and I sprang a pheasant, breaking the silence as I walked down the  lovely original path.

The door was heavy oak and probably as old as the church.

Inside, it was simple but well loved, with the remains of an old stone font and bits of rood screen. The floor was also natural old stone.

The ceiling, just as simple

Leaving the church behind,

I headed back to where I started my wander, and spotted this, which took me back to childhood when I learnt to sew on a treadle sewing machine!

This has turned into a mammoth post but I couldn’t leave anything out because Spreyton is such a pretty village.

* This is the trefoil of hares, they are a symbol of many Dartmoor villages  and have pagan folklore about  Eostre, the goddess of spring and fertility – where we get Easter from! There are also connections with the Silk road that go back eight hundred years.

More information about Spreyton Pottery can be found at