100 Word Challenge Week 39

This week Julia’s challenge is to use the prompt ….I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you…. So here is my attempt.


Right, your groceries are sorted, dishes washed. I’ve changed your bed and made up the spare room for your brother. The fish pie I made is in the fridge and a lemon meringue. I’ve refilled your medi-wallet too, okay?

The recycling bin is outside and the cats are fed. All the laundry is ironed and tomorrow’s shirt is hanging with those jeans I took up. I’ve booked you a test ride with motability and your wheelchair’s being serviced on Tuesday. Okay?

‘Where’s the remote? I can’t reach it.’

‘My sweets and beer?’

‘…. I’m exhausted; shut the door behind you….’

52 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week 39

  1. Sounds to me like someone is not being appreciated. I neglected to see “Thank you” between the words bring me a beer and shut the door behind you. It sounds to me like it is the caretaker that deserves the beer and the right to be exhausted.

      1. Actually, I think Gilly captured the story very well. Too many times people confuse appreciation with expectation. I would think the caretaker would become a bit resentful after awhile. As a matter of fact, I just wrote a children’s book, and the difference between the two is the very lesson I focused on in that book (The Orples Make A Tree Home). Expectation tends to create resentment, whereas appreciation makes the heart glad.

  2. Oh goodness. This is a good example to us all of what can happen to us if we are not careful. I agree with others that it shows such kindness too. We have to hope our families see beyond that grouchieness!

  3. I like this piece, because it has a huge amount of realism to it. Lots of caring and love, yet the recipient comes across as having a level of expectation and of taking their carer for granted – hence the lack of a thank you. Great piece.

  4. What a lovely caring person she is. Someone needs to take over for a while though so she can take a break. She deserves a fortnight’s holiday somewhere sunny!

  5. That has to be the real world! Not made up, you are a star….remote, sweets, beer!!
    Next time sing for his supper too!
    Well done.

  6. So sad and frustrating…though that is the sense to be had from the prompt. Still, there’s a charming wistfulness about the narrator. S/He doesn’t seem to readily mind, despite the overflow of work.

    I really like the list of chores done. Obviously, the speaker is keeping track, though I can sense some resignation about it all. Well done!

    (I admit that I’m biased in my view, having just read your Hobbit tale from today. :))

  7. Excellent piece. I was going to do down this path; I’m so glad I read yours before I did – I wouldn’t have done it half so well! Well done.

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