One Year and Twenty Five Thousand for Lucid Gypsy

A year ago today I very tentatively started a blog and Lucid Gypsy was born. I had no idea where we were taking each other and if anyone would visit, just a vague plan to write travel and short fiction. It was a very slow start; I had to learn the techy stuff and kept it very simple for the first few days. Then I kind of worked out how to post photos and published Nest of Primates my first travel piece, which I still think is one of my best posts, but hasn’t had that many reads. (Interestingly, I’ve wondered for ages how to change the words on a link and have finally done it – WordPress has forced me to learn!) I posted five times last May and then disappeared for a while to Turkey, returning with a head stuffed with stories and a couple thousand photos.

I was stumbling though with no clue what to write or how to be seen. A turning point came when I discovered the Weekly Photo Challenge and was able to indulge my other passion, photography. Finding out how to tag and categorise well, made all the difference and eventually in November I had more than a thousand views. You may wonder why it took me so long; instructions are there to be read of course. Trouble is I can’t do instructions books for anything. I try to read how, but don’t get it and have to muddle my way through.

Slowly a following came and I began to meet some interesting people around the world. Does anyone remember having a pen friend as a child? Usually one foisted on you by school? Well the blogosphere is like having hundreds of pen friends, a fascinating way of learning about other cultures, and seeing photos of places taken by real people in everyday places as well as the grand tourist destinations.

Being a Gemini and a writer I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and each time I look at someone’s blog I am transported to another person’s world, be it in the next county or a garden in the southern hemisphere. Lovely people I can’t thank you enough for your support, inspiration, laughter and tears.

At some point in the remaining four hours of today one of my five hundred plus followers will become the twenty five thousandth hit on Lucid Gypsy, how amazing that I should reach that number today!

Thank you so much.

40 thoughts on “One Year and Twenty Five Thousand for Lucid Gypsy

  1. What about now? It is me? It’s not a surprise you’re getting that many. It’s a great blog, AND you’re a great blogger. Congrats Gilly.

  2. such a happy story gilly, describing the struggles and discoveries we have all experienced as we learn about blogging, and the joys of having blogging friends all over the world …congratulations on five hundred plus followers, that is wonderful, but no surprise as Lucid Gypsy has a lot to offer with writing, photos, travel and fun!!!

  3. These are really super cool numbers. I cannot even imagine getting that many – five hundred followers ….. AND …. twenty five thousand hits. I cannot compute. I feel like a computer that has stayed stuck in “Cannot Compute”. Over-the-top-congratdulations to you, Gilly. It is so very well deserved. You are a fabulous writer, photographer and blogger friend It is my pleasure to have come to know you. I hope I can continue to get to know you more.
    Izzy xoxo

  4. Lucid Gypsy
    I don’t know you but You give so much of yourself to us all that it’s hard to believe that you are not well known to me. The well worn cliche advises us that you get what you give. You shine a light that we can see and long may it be so.
    Now get the dishwasher emptied!
    Tony at Charabanc

  5. Congrats Gilly. I’m a Taurus, at least I think I am, since when I looked at the Horoscopes in London they said that I’m a Gemini since it starts one day earlier here. So I don’t know what I am. But I’m stubborn, so maybe Taurus is right.

  6. Congratulations my friend. You blossomed so much and inspired so much. Just like you, I started struggling. I got no idea what is blogging but I I wanted to share a part of myself that hopefully can help others. Slowly, things blossomed and soon enough I was able to fly with confidence. Every now and then I would still freak out when I encounter some computer technicalities but I’m more equip to face them now. Best part of it is that the blogger friends I met along the way are very supportive, A lot of them to this day I still visit, and vice versa. A toast for many more great years to come.

  7. Excellent results – and well deserved, Gilly! The pen friend analogy is so true – but this is much quicker and more visual, so you can see true snapshots of life in other parts of the world, the second the author posts them, rather than having to wait six weeks for a surface mail letter to be delivered! 🙂

    1. Thanks for visiting Jacqueline its really appreciated!
      p.s. you may as well put that lovely photo on here as we can see it on your gravatar anyway!

  8. What a delight to stumble across this creation story. That’s one flaw in blogging – so much lost before I begin to follow. I’m very glad you’re blogging. How else would I have met you?
    Now to pursue the primates.

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