Travel Theme: Rhythm

Ailsa at wheres my backpack has posted rhythm as her challenge theme this week and here is my interpretation. Are they singing a rhythmic gospel song or something more baroque? you decide!

Maybe the lady with her trainers peeping out is a clue?  I took the photo at Chichester cathedral.

35 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Rhythm

  1. Trainers on or no, I think there might be more body movement if they were getting into the Gospel! But hey, there’s a whole lot of rhythm in choral music – weaving descant and alto melodies, etc., and the choral interludes create punctuate the rhythm of the service:)
    And I love those deep red cassocks (do you call them cassocks when lay people are wearing them, I wonder?)!

  2. They could be singing just about anything – and the thing about being in the choir is that you might be wearing just about anything under that cassock! (Though the truth comes out at coffee hour, so we tend to dress reasonably respectably…)

  3. haha this is brilliant, I don’t know what everyone else is singing, but I’m betting the lady with the sneakers is singing ‘Na na na na na na, getting jiggy wid it’. LOVE IT, who’d have thought Chichester would be so cutting edge 😉

  4. Great photo for the challenge. It is perfect. I think it’s baroque.
    Why ? Well, because baroque is very serious and the trainers
    are fun; therefore, opposites. Well done, Gilly.
    P.S. I just learnt a new word – trainers. We call them sneakers. I
    like trainers better.

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