Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

I’m very, very lucky. I have a lot of good friends and a handful of people who are very special to me and who have been part of my life for a long time. These two, J & S, I have known for 45 years! We became friends as school and now after all this time we still meet once a month. We have been there for each other through every major life event  and there must be very few things we don’t know about each other – except that we are getting to the stage where we remember the things from way back but the more recent stuff is another matter! We could have another 45 years of friendship at a pinch 🙂

Sorry girls! this is Christmas 2003.

68 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

  1. how lovely to see you, and i appreciate your long-time friendships, true friends indeed….. my longest friend is probably only 30 years … i moved schools a lot and did not make friends as a child … and i always was a loner … but i do love my good friends even the ones online!

  2. Gilly,
    That is so wonderful. I know how you feel…I just saw two of my oldest friends yesterday at a daughter’s graduation party. I couldn’t bring myself to post the picture we took…two of us look too fat! You guys all look great! And yes…we are also at the point of remembering the long ago times better than the more recent times. I just love to talk to my friend’s daughter about when we were children…

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