Good Vibrations but no Haiku

Earlier this evening I read Elizabeth’s post  about four letter words that inspire. She encouraged us to make a list of words of our own, meditate on them and write some Haiku. I chose from Elizabeth’s list because some just seemed right and wrote them in two rows.

Easy                             mind

Life                              pure

Kind                             hope

Love                            wise

Heal                             help

Grow                           give

I meditated on them for a while, I paired and grouped them in my head, added some longer words. I spun and twisted them, counted syllables, got mixed up about five – seven – five, and finally gave up because my saboteur kept telling me I was casting clichés.

Next, someone I’ve been working with for a long time came for her counselling session, she was overwrought, physically and emotionally exhausted. We worked hard for more than half an hour and she had calmed to the point where she was nearly horizontal on the sofa and we talked quietly.

Now I’m side tracking because I want to tell you that I received a very special gift this week, a small bottle of vibrational essence from a blogging friend across the other side of the world. This earth essence is from the Larapinta trail and chosen for me because I said I needed grounding. I have always known that I am governed by the element of air and that at times I need re-balancing, some of you are aware that recently I’ve had a few things rocking around my foundations.

We gradually became silent in our shared space and the energy was buzzing, vibrating even, and my hands were on fire. I asked her to sit with her back to me because I knew I had healing energy to give to her. The way I worked was something like Reiki, I did my first degree a few years ago but chose not to continue to Reiki master – I felt no need to give a name to something that is just there. Afterwards, she said it was the most powerful healing she has ever experienced. I don’t know about that but I do know she needed what I was able to give.

I wasn’t able to write Haiku today but I feel that Elizabeth’s generous post helped to put me into the right space. The essence has already started work on me, bringing me home to myself after a patch where I have been floating anxiously like a butterfly, sometimes trying to settle and hoping for a buddleia. I believe that something shifted as soon as I knew it was flying towards me. It was gathered in an area rich in Heavitree Quartzite, in the Northern Territory, packed safely and sent to me in Heavitree, Exeter. I am blessed, thank you.