100 Words for Grown Ups – Week# 67

Julia decided that as the recent challenges have been sombre, this week she would try to lighten things up. The prompt . . . I really tried not to laugh . . . made me think of my afternoon.

Hysterical Boredom

 Doodling. That’s what kept me awake through a two hour VAT seminar. I wondered what the senior manager sitting behind me, thought of the back of my head, and then wondered if other people think about such things.

The doodle began as high pressure straight lines, and slowly became a gentle floral design, based on the PowerPoint presenting auditor’s dress.

I smiled sleepily when she joked about VAT on Tulisa’s autobiography and a war game for X Box  When she talked about contraceptive products and autopsy fees, without drawing breath, I really tried not to laugh but it was a tax too far.


14 thoughts on “100 Words for Grown Ups – Week# 67

  1. There sure are a lot of strange taxes around. The terrorism tax – do they pay it?
    I like the way you take an oh-so-familiar situation as your starting point. And “a tax too far” is cute!

  2. I could associate with this…I’m a compulsive doodler..keeps me focussed. As a teacher, I don’t mind children doodling if they’re listening..hopefully it’s more interesting than the tax too far. Brilliantly 😀

  3. I really enjoyed this! And it reminded me so much of how I used to doodle through lectures and seminars and two day workshops on banking (I used to work in the city). Hooray for doodling! And I loved the words ‘a tax too far’ – great words-man-ship yourself!

  4. This is a great post for the challenge. I love doodling in meetings and you can come up with crazy designs (depending on the length of time you have to sit there 😉

  5. Well written. I remember many a lecture where I should have been doodling, looking like I was taking notes, rather than nodding off! Great job!

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