CBBH Photo Challenge: Blue

This is the first time I’ve joined in with Marianne’s monthly challenge, I couldn’t resist ‘Blue’, who could? Can you? If not join in here http://eastofmalaga.net/2012/11/01/cbbh-photo-challenge-blue/

I wanted to try something different, so I’ve cropped quite a bit of non blue from this shot.

It’s Dartington again, my second photo from there this week. Earlier in the year they featured some children’s artwork in the garden, it was lovely to see it gently swirling in the breeze.

This is what CBBH is all about!

Marianne says ‘On the first day of each month, I will provide a theme to inspire you to post your own interpretation.  Create your own blog post before the end of the month and entitle it “CBBH Photo Challenge: (subject of the month)”, providing a link to this blog so I´ll know you´re participating, and others can find it, too.

  • The difference between this and other photo challenges is that at the end of your post, you should introduce two links to any other blogs you have visited and, most importantlythat you have commented on, during the past month.  These links might be to someone who you are in regular contact with via your blog, a new blogger in need of some followers, or maybe a person who inspires or motivates you with their writing or photographs.
  • By choosing to participate, you also agree to read and comment on at least two other blogs taking part in the CBBH Photo Challenge.  That way, when we visit each other, we can HOP OVER to your links, connect with others and share a little blog love around!
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  • So I get to choose two blogs to feature! My first choice is Cheryl who blogs at http://cherylandrews.wordpress.com/blogs-2/ She is a very generous blogger who writes on a diverse range of subjects and whose photography I love. Check out ‘Cat lick and a promise’, from last month. Next is a completely different blog, one that hits hard and draws attention to issues affecting women. I recently re-blogged her post about Malala, and I hope you visit her. http://womanunveiled.com