Buckland’s Small Treasures

As you know I was captivated by Buckland Abbey. It isn’t the most grand of National Trust houses but for me it is an interesting one, packed with history and little surprises. Here are a few of the things I enjoyed.
2013 Apr 06_4088 copy

I know, it’s just a chair leg, but imagine all the ankles that have brushed against it.

2013 Apr 06_4062 copy

Time flies indeed.

2013 Apr 06_3973 copy

I loved the little incense boat.

2013 Apr 06_3995 copy

A 17th century sea chest.
2013 Apr 06_3998 copy

Elegant porcelain.

2013 Apr 06_3981 copy

A model of the Golden Hind.

2013 Apr 06_3938 copy

This chess set has Lord Burghley as King, Queen Elizabeth as Queen and Sir Francis Drake as the Knight. Each of the Pawns is a miniature Golden Hind.


14 thoughts on “Buckland’s Small Treasures

  1. Whenever I visit ancient places I often think of who has been there before me. I wonder what has been stored in the sea chest over the years? 🙂

  2. your comment about the ankles brushing the chair leg made me shiver … who indeed? such lovely treasures … and which boats did the sea chest grace? great photos gilly, despite the flash ban 🙂

  3. Really nice Gilly. I collect carved wooden furniture so I REALLY liked the first picture very much!

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