Birthday Weekend Day 2, Respect

Exeter Respect is my town’s yearly celebration of diversity. It’s a gathering where the performers and creative artists get together with the community to say a big fat NO to racism and all forms of prejudice.

Respect has been around for about 15 years and gets bigger every year. Running for two days, about 20,000 people come to chill and play in the sunshine of this festival that is run by volunteers and is free for all.

‘ The Respect ethos is a simple one: racism and prejudice often spring from fear, and fear is often based on ignorance, so lets’ overcome ignorance by getting to know one another and sharing not shunning our cultures. One of the best ways to get to know someone is to enjoy yourself with them, hence our celebratory event and adoption of the old Commission for Racial Equality slogan: All Different, All Equal!’

This year Number One Son, Number One Daughter in Law and my Lush Grandbabies came to enjoy the day with me.


11 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend Day 2, Respect

  1. I love the concept of the acceptance of all. We need more events like this. People are fearful of those who do n ot look like them. We live in a new world with many colorful rainbows of people.
    This event looks like it is well attended.
    I see a little athletic skill going on with the hula hoop. I had seen one in a toy store recently and was very tempted to buy it. I didn’t. I understand it’s good exercise. You have inspired me to go back so I can give it a try.
    So pleased you had a wonderful day on your Birthday weekend.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY … all month.
    Issy xoxo

  2. I am all for this. We need more unity to wipe out fear. We are one! Great photos, great cause. Thanks for sharing.


  3. My community had it’s first RESPECT celebration this year. A wonderful selection of photographs and a great cause. Thank you for spreading the word, Gilly. You made my day!

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